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We deliver innovative solutions that delight our customers.

What We Do

We deliver end to end technology solutions leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks and engineering excellence.

Our expertise in software development coupled with our offshore development centers allow us to deliver high-quality solutions to you at a low cost.

Our headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA and our offshore development centers are located in Russia.

We have been building multiplatform applications (mobile, web) and enterprise software solutions for over 5 years to help our customers scale their businesses and maximize their profits.

We are focused on designing and delivering complete solutions

We specialize in Enterprise Software, Cloud, Web, Mobile App and Multiplatform App Development.

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We are specialized in Enterprise Software Development, Cloud Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development and Multiplatform App Development.

Some of our sample projects

Online Rebates and Cash Rewards

Created from start to finish and then successfully SOLD the project - Online service Cloverr CashBack (USA / Russia)

  • Cloverr
  • TruckViewer

    TMS TruckViewer is a transportation and supply chain management system that provides tracking, monitoring, analytics, payment and enterprise resource planning functionality. The platform offers GPS tracking, messaging, a web app, and driver/dispatcher mobile apps.

  • TruckViewer
  • MyPayBack Application

    Saas application MyPayBack (Rewards for purchases) - monetization of clients of applications through payment of rewards for purchases made from sponsored links (the ability of a rewards in any application).


    A unique messaging platform leveraging machine learning technology and featuring ChatBots that interact with the services backend.

    Additional Client Projects:

    Our business card it software development portfolio of successful clients.

    - PEXNOW (USA) Web client / web admin / Android / iOs / SMS bot / FB bot with AI training App. Print photos from bots/applications and deliver to desired address.

    - An unique messaging system integrated with enterprise software. The system monitors client access to the network and automatically determines how to send a message if there is no internet access the message is sent via SMS.

    - Billing system - online service for calculating charges and automatically billing customers

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    Our team has expertise in software development and can implement the full IT stack. We provide software development services including planning, development, project management, software testing, and maintenance. We service clients in various industries such as E-commerce, Healthcare, Marketing, Communications, Logistics, and Financial Sector.